Friday, 17 March 2017

silver eyes – commissioned artwork

silver eyes
Telemachus Stavropoulos (Helm)
13 x 13 inches
Ink, gesso on craftboard
2012 Athens, Greece
lyric on reverse



Written in oaken letters
Names, symbols and words
Dancing their beautiful daughters
Myriads of meanings and thoughts

Behind the color of day
Inside the ashen grey stone
There sleeps the remembrance of a promise
You know it too
It travels with the birds

And if my hear sounds at nothing
Cursed and deathlike
And id I forget my blood
An offering to the wild
And if I forget my visage
Sacrifice, blade & fire

My mirror is the restless sea
Debris that wanders shapelessly
Flows like metal in primordial shape
Your daughter named Hope

Behind the clouds

Mourning is my poetry
And mourning my anger also
Mourning is my poetry
I cut off my own head


The flesh is formed by platan leaves
And with water it does take root
My corpse is smiling and
Inside my mouth
Black fruit is growing

Old stone, cold, ancient
From the depths it emerges
Death is alive
And my soul is young

I grew tired too early
And I forgot my name
I beg pardon to my visage
And beg forgiveness from my child

It is not my time to live
But neither is it to die
Only within these walls in silence
To sing


Only by the horrid scream
Does the blind stone awaken
The color less yesterday

Head flowing with blood
Head living and white
The eyes are gazing outwards
They see no lie

The lie is now dead
And it has died
The eyes search
Away from the inside

My eyes are gazing outwards
Away from me

Away from me
The light of sight is searching
I have died
But it was all a lie

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